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Sindi Blanchette Photography Policies


Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!

Here are few policies I have in place to make things run smoother.


Booking Fees: All booking fees are due immediately upon booking. No dates are held or considered booked with out this fee. This fee is non refundable and non transferable.   This fee is required to hold your date on my calendar only and is not for services or products. This fee does NOT come of your session fee.  A new booking fee is required if you reschedule, change the time or month of your reservation or date of your session.  Booking fees are not refunded if you cancel and cannot be transferred to another client. Invoices not paid with in one hour will be canceled.


Session Fee: this fee includes, time, talent, editing, on line gallery, a limited number of digital files only.  This fee is non refundable after images have been sent, received or downloaded.   This fee is due at the time of your session.   Session fees are subject to change with out notice.  Only a paid booking fee secure current pricing.


Refunds: there are no refunds for booking fees.  No refunds on session fees once images have been sent, received or downloaded.


Rescheduling: Rescheduling is at my discretion only and is based on availability. Sessions must be rescheduled with in 30 days from original date.   A new booking fee is required when rescheduling for any reason.


Cancelations: Booking fees are not refunded if you cancel your session for any reason. This fee is cannot be transferred to another client or session.


No Show: If you no show to your session, you will no longer be allowed to book and booking fees are not refunded.


Arriving Late:  If you arrive late to your session, you will  have a reduction in time with me with no reduction in fees. There is also a possibility of your session being rescheduled for which a new booking fee will be required.


Weather: I am a natural light photographer and in the studio I need light to complete a session.  I may need to reschedule due to low light, weather or personal reasons.  A new booking fee is NOT required in this case.

Outdoor sessions may also need to be rescheduled due to rain, wind, snow or storms.  A new booking fee is NOT required.  I do not reschedule outdoor sessions if it is cloudy.  If you want to reschedule due to clouds a new booking fee IS required.


Digital Files: I will keep your files for 6 months after your session.  After 6 months they will be archived and after 2 years they may be purged.


Print Release: Your session includes a print release for personal use only.  This allows you to print your images at any lab you choose.  I do NOT recommend chain labs such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Shutterfly etc.   I recommend

Sindi Blanchette Photography retains the legal copyright to your images.  Please review the copyright law for this. 


Prints: I am not responsible for print quality when printed anywhere other than with me.


Reshoots: Reshoots are at my discretion only. I only offer reshoots during the session if I think it is not going well.  Once you pass on the option, it is no longer available.

I do not offer reshoots for babies/children that do not smile or are uncooperative


Galleries: Your gallery is available for one week for you to view, select , purchase and download your images.   After your gallery expires, links to the gallery and to download your images will no longer work. You will need to make sure you have downloaded and saved your images before your gallery expires.

There is a $25 renewal fee to reopen your gallery if under 6 months from your session.  Sessions older than 6 months will require a $75 un-archive and renewal fee.


Storage: I recommend creating several copies and back ups of your images. Store them in safe places such as fire box, and safe deposit boxes.  Keeping up with media type is also important. Currently I recommend external hard drives and flash drives. 


Packages and Passes:  There are no refunds, exchanges or sharing.  Once a package has been purchased either paid in full or with retainer, you are required to fulfill your obligation and no refunds are given.  Failure to fulfill your obligation and complete your session in the a time frame defined will result in the loss of sessions with no refunds. Sessions may be completed after allotted time if paid at full session fees of current pricing.