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About Me

Hello there! 

You have clicked on this page to learn more about me as a person and a photographer! 

First off, let me start with things about me as a regular person!  I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have been together for over 20 years and married since 2000!  We have two amazing boys, currently they are 18 and 12!  I love being a mother of boys! I have been their biggest fan in everything they do and been just as crazy about their interests and hobbies as they are, sometimes more!  Never thought I would be such a baseball fan or a Star Wars geek! I know more about Star Wars than I care to mention, lol! 

We live in Saint Anne, and love the small town life!  My husband was born and raised here and it just seemed like a great place for us to stay and raise our family!

Now let me tell you a bit about "me" the photographer! I have to admit. I did not always dream of being a photographer! This did not come in as my dream until much later!  I have had all sorts of jobs! 

It was not until I purchased a film camera back in 2004, right before my youngest son was born and started taking candid photos of my kids!  I loved the messy hair, messy face, imperfect-perfect moments, the tears the laughter, the joy, the natural moments of love I saw. I went to the chain studio too and bought up all those photos! I mean , they were my babies, I couldn't just leave a horrible photo sitting there and not to mention a weird set up or back-drop that didn't make sense to me!. Only a mother could love those photos! I was always so unhappy with them in the end on how uncomfortable and un natural their expressions were!  So I thought, I will do them myself!  Not as easy as it sounds!  After about 5 years of learning, upgrading to digital cameras, countless FREE photo shoots a few tears, set backs working 2 jobs, I decided to go in to business!  With one exception! I did not want to be a portrait photographer, use studio lighting and do a lot of posing!  I just didn't feel connected or happy with those images.  Don't get me wrong, plenty of photographers shoot that way and they produce beautiful images, I just didn't want to. That was not MY happy place! 

After that, I set out to learn natural light photography and create a style that I feel is all my own!  There are tons of photographer out there, one on every corner these days!  I wanted to offer something a bit different and high quality!  

I take a very natural and on the moment approach to my photography.  I am not looking for the perfect shot, in a way that most are used to! I am looking for connection in a moment!  Not always everyone looking at the camera and smiling.  I want something real and natural!  I want to capture that and sometimes that means, hugs ,laughter, singing, jumping, kissing running and even tears!  Not every hair in place and everything perfect, because that's not how life is!  Each of our lives, our families and kids are different!  It's real and real is not perfect in that sense! Perfect, is love and capturing that love!  

This style is not for everyone and that's ok!  Making sure your photographer can fit your needs is important!  I don't use a lot of props, that does not really compliment my shooting style!  It's a bit more technical, but I like it simple!  Keeping the focus on you and your family rather than props and crazy set ups!   When you work with me, I will assist you every step of the way!  

Take a look through my galleries, my Facebook page and pricing to make sure we are a good fit! 

If you have read this and this fits you needs, I would love to work with you and I can not wait to talk with you more!